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Experiential Workshop


Experiential Workshop

REBIRTH Experiential Workshop

Transformation + Music + Empowerment

A 3-Step Movement dedicated to inspire and guide YOU to live your life Authentically.

This experience empowers you to become active creator of your life and reality.

Our method challenges your struggles, leading you to transform them in catalysts for growth.


Each step can be taken in order or separately. This program is designed to fit your needs and it offers you the flexibility to choose to experience each workshop on your own terms.

An emotional journey is experienced through fun activities and exercises that combine hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, Motivational music and unique coaching material. In this One of a Kind experience Adrianna Foster will guide you through a journey of growth and transformation where all of your senses will be involved to create breakthroughs with clarity and support.

The 3-step Method will guide you to:

Remember your Purpose,

Create Clarity,

Reclaim your Freedom,

OWN your Power

So you can:

BE the Difference in the world. 

 This One of a Kind experience was created and developed by Adrianna Foster.

REBIRTH 3-step Method:

Each step can be taken in order or separately. This program is designed to fit your needs and it offers you the flexibility to choose to experience each workshop on your own terms.


Upcoming dates: August12th 2017

Step 1

Identify, accept and release what no longer serve your life.

Get clarity on your purpose.

Identify and replace your limiting beliefs.

Redefine Success in your terms.



Upcoming dates: August 26th  2017

Step 2

Become the movement you wish to see in your life.

Learn the skills to become CREATOR of your reality.

ACT towards your mission.

BECOME your success.



Upcoming dates: september 23rd 2017

step 3

Connect the DOTS from your growth journey.

The power of forgiveness and acceptance.

OWN the true POWER of choice.

Reclaim your Authentic Self. 

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Upcoming workshops

Upcoming workshops




Module 1

July 22nd 2017


Do you find yourself having it all and still feeling unhappy?

Do you feel confused and frustrated because, no matter what you accomplish, you still feel there is something missing in your life?

You might already have all that you want, however, your expectations might be blinding you from actually, SEEING it.

 Are you ready to learn how to ASK and GET what you deserve?

 Are you ready to give yourself permission to fly?


If so.. This is for you



The Experiential Workshop is right for you if:

-You feel overwhelmed with your life even though you might have all that you’ve ever wanted

-You feel that no matter what you do you can’t get what you want

-You feel nothing in your life is ever enough

-You struggle with “Just enough” money, love, happiness.

-You feel confused, frustrated and angry at your life, even though, there is no apparent reason for it.

-You are determined to experience JOY in your life!

-Are excited to be surrounded by like-minded people and want to invest in a full day that will allow you to create a happier, healthier, more abundant YOU



In this Experiential Workshop you will:

 -      Get CLEAR answers on why do you feel so frustrated and unhappy

-       Understand what is the source of that unhappiness and how can you change it!

-       Identify what you NO LONGER want in your life and learn to LET IT GO

-       Redefine “Success” and “Fulfillment” on YOUR terms

-       Learn how to ASK what you truly want

-       Learn how to be OPEN to receive ALL that you deserve

-       Learn how to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to be the person you KNOW you can be!

As a result, you will:

-Release old limiting beliefs that where obstacles in your life

-Replace those limiting beliefs with new and healthy ones.

-Learn how to ASK and RECEIVE what you want and deserve.

-Choose what behaviors / relationships / habits you will say YES or NO to.

-Feel completely confident about your new steps and decisions.

-Feel in charge, focused and certain over your life.

-Learn how to appreciate life in the present moment



You will leave this Experiential workshop feeling:

-Peaceful about how your life is today

-Determined in a new action plan and steps towards your future

-Clear in what can stay and what must leave

-Confident about achieving your goals!

-Joyful and excited about YOUR life!!




By signing up to this Experiential Workshop you get:

-The opportunity to work with Adrianna Foster for 5 hours where you will be guided to BE the ALCHEMIST of your life!

-To experience Motivational Music and its power in a private setting created JUST FOR YOU. 

-To be surrounded by amazing individuals in an environment full of support and love.

-Yummy and healthy breakfast and lunch

-The opportunity to go through this unique experience where all of your senses will be involved in a fun and connected way and will allow you to transform your life from Inside-out. 

-A Surprise bonus


REBIRTH Experiential Workshop


Module 1

July 22nd 2017

Click the button below to schedule a call with Adrianna Foster and her team to get more information on upcoming workshop dates, pricing and details. 

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REBIRTH Experiences

I can seriously say this retreat changed my life. It was a profound experience that served as a clarity map for the new year. I am deeply grateful with Adrianna for creating this experience and I encourage everyone to explore it, it’s completely worth it.
— Ana Dominguez, Miami Fl.
This experience is unique, spectacular and fun. I had a blast and still could get some introspection about my life and future. I extremely recommend this retreat to anyone that wants some clarity!
— Sofia Granada, Dominican Republic
Adrianna has a very particular way of helping you tear down your walls and deeply connect with your feelings. I am a very closed person and in this retreat I was able to open up in a way that I have never done before. This experience changed me and I know it will change you too. It’s a must!
— Angeles Del Carmen Alvarado, Mexico
Initially I was hesitant of attending the retreat because I knew the majority attending where women, however, I found it a very safe space for me. It was carefully designed to create real change. Congratulations Adrianna, it is a great experience!
— Carlos Devaprilla, Colombia

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