Adrianna Foster is all about empowering communities and individuals to believe in their potential and their intrinsic value. It is this focused message that inspired her to create the “REBIRTH Experience,” a unique movement that merges Music with Personal Development through workshops, seminars, retreats and live concerts. She is recognized as the first “Motivational Singer” of our time. To Adrianna, personal development no longer looks like just workshops and conferences, instead it looks like the intimacy and ecstasy of music with the power and insight of personalized motivation

Adrianna isn’t bluffing either. She has eight years of experience in personal development, hypnosis and coaching practicing privately in Coral Gables. She’s had tremendous success working with individuals struggling to overcome major life transitions. In her practice, she focuses on emotional catalysts to allow individuals to recognize their worth and reclaim their innate power. Using her own method, she teaches her clients to transform their pain and chaos into growth tools that will ultimately empower their lives.

She brings these same techniques and insights to the stage as the first worldwide recognized "Motivational Singer." Like her transformational skills, she also has an impressive history of musical training. With over 17 years of professional singing, she has a huge international following, having traveled all over Latin America and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the Latin music industry.

In 2016, she toured throughout South Florida with her “Motivational Concert” series, partnering with organizations like PARK Project and The Office Depot Foundation to inspire hundreds of people. Throughout all of it, she’s maintained an unwavering faith in people; in their ability to heal and grow and change. Her work mirrors this message profoundly. In February 2017, she releases a Motivational Music album entitled, “Only You Can Make a Difference.” Each song serves as a daily reminder that every one of us can change the world by first changing our life. When we begin to understand and step into the best version of ourselves, we give those around us permission to rise as well. Her single, “Only You Can Make a Difference,” was chosen by The Office Depot Foundation as their anthem for the Difference Maker movement.