Music is my life, my passion and in living it I have been graced with an immense sense of satisfaction. In helping others I found my calling and nurtured my soul beyond words. It was in the merging of the two that I claimed my Rebirth...
— Adrianna Foster

Reawaken your truth. 

   We are all born with our truths. Somewhere along the way, we exchange this truth for an identity that is more pleasing, celebrated, and accepted by others. This is where the internal tension begins. You begin to deny your Self and inevitably become miserable. You stop believing you’re enough, so you become depressed. When you’re depressed, you hibernate. Your Truth is hibernating. It’s not lost, it’s burrowed within, along with your childhood dreams, ambitions, and hopes. You disengage this self-rejection through drugs, bad relationships, distractions, unsatisfying jobs, unsatisfying bodies, through the things that you hate. You hibernate through Hate when you live out of falseness. You must return to Love. How do you do this? You do this by reclaiming your truth. Where is your Truth? It is within. Once you’ve accessed your true self, happiness inevitably follows.

   Adrianna will help you in your “REBIRTH” process by utilizing several of her skilled techniques and expertise. Using Hypnotherapy and Astrology advising as well as personal coaching, Adrianna will guide you through the process of releasing your ego. By removing these assumed layers, you’ll be able to reprogram your limiting beliefs and self-imposed fears. This will allow you to return to your true self and align yourself with your purpose.



yourself from all that you think you are.

Set your true Self FREE.



yourself into the person that you REALLY are

by remembering your true essence and purpose.



yourself to become the power in your life

and manifest your dreams

Having Adrianna at our event was an incredible experience. She not only entertained our audience with her marvelous and elegant talent but she also empowered people with her amazing energy and profound words. Having Adrianna at our event was like having the whole packet! We are so grateful and looking forward to have her in all our events.
— Jorge Viloria, Masterven Coorporation International
I have been attending Miami Hypnosis Center since June 2015 and since then my life has changed for the better. Some will say they do not believe or are iffy about this form of therapy but if you go there with an open mind and truly want good for yourself, this is the place to go. My hypnotherapist is Adriana and I 100% recommend her. She is genuine in her work and truly wants the best for you. My journey has been absolutely incredible and I am so grateful. I went from having all these fears to loving myself, appreciating who I am , feeling empowered, and embracing it all...and the best part keeps on getting better. Much gratitude to Adriana and the staff for always welcoming you with open arms. :)
— Stephanie Fuentes
Initially, I was hesitant about meeting with Adriana. What would I learn through an astrological reading? Would it be worth my time? Should I invest my time and money into a reading? My dear friends, That concern was quickly dispelled. From the moment the consult began, I was amazed. The insight into who I was brought immense healing. The change was immediate. I began seeing Adriana for hypnotherapy shortly after that. Let me put it this way: after a 5-minute hypo-session, my insomnia was eliminated. Five minutes! Definitely worth your time. She is truly a goddess. Forever grateful!
— Deborah Rodriguez