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What is the Rebirth Experience

What is the Rebirth Experience

THE REBIRTH Experience

A unique movement that merges Music + Personal Development through Experiential workshops, retreats and Live Concerts. 

 This One of a Kind experience was created and developed by Adrianna Foster.

A movement dedicated to inspire and guide YOU to live your life Authentically.

This experience empowers you to become active creator of your life and reality.

Our method challenges your struggles, leading you to transform them in catalysts for growth.


Our mission is for you to:

Remember your Purpose,

Create Clarity,

Reclaim your Freedom


OWN your Power


So you can:

BE the Difference in the world.




Experiential Workshops

 This One of a Kind experience creates a UNIQUE environment with Motivational Music + Personal Development that will guide you through a journey of growth and transformation where all of your senses will be involved and connected.

Our 3 Module Experiential Workshops will guide you to full authenticity and power




Experiential Retreats:

a 1 or 2 day event that will create a full REBIRTH experience where attendees live an emotional transformation through hypnosis techniques, regressions, and incorporating NLP exercises plus Motivational LIVE music. 



Motivational Concert:

A "Motivational Concert" is a state-of-the-art show that merges live music performance and motivational speaking. Each event is customized around a specific message and incorporates the chosen topic clearly and engagingly. The message can be customized to meet the needs of each partnering organization or sponsor, thereby providing the opportunity to deliver the intended purpose in a unique, inspiring, and entertaining way. Using the intimacy and inspiration of music, you can now deliver your organization’s message in a way that captures your attendees and solidifies your mission.  

Ideal for NonProfit and For-Profit organizations:


-Fund raisers


-Corporate events




Keynote Singer:

Opening up events with a very unique touch by combining motivational speaking and singing. As the Keynote Singer, Adrianna sets the underlying tone and summarizes the core message or most important revelation of the event by performing special songs and anthems according to the event's topic.

Ideal for: conventions, expositions, symposiums, conferences, seminars, galas or 5Ks


BRING "REBIRTH EXPERIENCE" to your City or Organization and be part of this pioneer movement!


Adrianna Foster is the pioneer and founder of the "REBIRTH Experience" Movement.

Developing a unique form of experiential seminars, workshops, retreats and concerts that promote radical self-love through a state-of-the-art experience that merges music performance and personal development. Each event is bound to leave the audience with a deeper sense of self and an inspired awareness of each other. In this UNIQUE experience, Adrianna delivers on this commitment by using music--the universal language--to connect her audience to Love, Empowerment, and Growth as well as mindfulness strategies and coaching techniques that create powerful and lasting transformation.

Each event carries a different message with the purpose of inspiring her audience to find their INNER POWER and create radical positive changes in their lives. She does this by incorporating mindfulness techniques into them, thereby merging the intimacy of music with the power of self-awareness. She recognizes that in order to change the world, we must first begin with ourselves. The message can be customized to meet the needs of each partnering organization or sponsor, thereby providing the opportunity to deliver the intended purpose in a unique, inspiring, and entertaining way.


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Adrianna Foster is trusted by:

Adrianna Foster is trusted by:

Adrianna Foster is trusted by:



“As an event creator for the past 17 years, I have never experienced a motivational singer, nor speaker for that matter, maintain a full room and captive audience for 2 straight hours! Adrianna Foster’s Motivational Concert is truly unique and delivers an impactful experience along with transformational results for the audiences and businesses she performs for. If you are looking to make a real difference and have people remember and rave about your business long after they leave ... hiring Adrianna Foster for your next event is a no brainer!”
— Marly Q.  Award-winning Event Creator Founder of PARK Project & 5k PARK Fest
As someone who aspires to motivate and inspire every day of my life, I love that Adrianna has taken on this concept of motivational music. I am thrilled to witness her stepping into her greatness and fuse her two passions of music and motivation. Her concert is a profound, poetic and powerful experience!
— Luly B Speaker | Coach | Author

“ Sponsoring Adrianna Foster’s “Motivational Concert Experience” was wonderful. She not only entertained our audience with her marvelous and elegant talent but she also empowered people with her amazing energy and profound words. Having Adrianna at our event was like having the whole packet! We are so grateful and looking forward to have her again next year”
— Jorge Viloria, Masterven Coorporation International
Adrianna was the perfect combination of inspiration and a Rock Star. We loved her and we where super motivated to have her back on one of our conferences.
— Carolina Hernandez, Movimiento Femenino
Adrianna has a magical way to make you feel emotions that did not even know they where deep inside of you. I was skeptical about her method until I finally gave in and was completely immersed in a peaceful embrace with her voice. I am grateful with the universe that brought her into my life, it makes me happy!
— Dulce Jimenez, executive Assistant at Diageo, Miami Fl.