Transformational hypnosis

“ Music is my life, my passion and in living it I have been graced with an immense sense of satisfaction. In helping others I found my calling and nurtured my soul beyond words. It was in the merging of the two that I claimed my Rebirth...”

— Adrianna Foster


Adrianna Foster CAN HELP YOU overcome struggles or challenges in your life. Some of the most common situations are:

Stress / Anxiety
Low Self-Esteem
Low Confidence / Motivation
Phobias / Fears
Childhood Issues
Public Speaking
Unwanted habits
Guilt / Regret


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Her Story

  After experiencing herself chronic depression and anxiety for more than 18 years Adrianna found in hypnosis the perfect catalyst that transformed her life into peace and tranquility. She saw the profound change that this practice brought into her life and decided to study it. Adrianna is recognized as a “Transformational Hypnotist” and specializes in emotional catharsis successfully helping her clients to create permanent change in their lives.

   Adrianna Foster specializes in past life and childhood regression and addresses emotional trauma by practicing one of the most powerful and innovative hypnosis protocols, Reconstructive Regression practice. She was certified in Reconstructive Regression Practice by AETRA (Spanish Association of Regression Techniques) and OMTRA (World Organization of Reconstructive Regression Therapy). She added to her skill set by training and receiving her IACT certification as a hypnotherapist. Adrianna identifies the root of her clients’ unhealthy survival patterns and effectively guides them to new, healthy patterns that are deeply transformational.

   Adrianna is also a certified astrological advisor with over 6 years in the field. She uses astrology as a science that catalyzes self-knowledge and profound emotional healing. 


Click HERE to inquire about a complimentary 30-minute conversation with Adrianna Foster. Sessions can be offered in English and Spanish. 



“Initially, I was hesitant about meeting with Adriana. What would I learn through an astrological reading? Would it be worth my time? Should I invest my time and money into a reading? My dear friends, That concern was quickly dispelled. From the moment the consult began, I was amazed. The insight into who I was brought immense healing. The change was immediate. I began seeing Adriana for hypnotherapy shortly after that. Let me put it this way: after a 5-minute hypo-session, my insomnia was eliminated. Five minutes! Definitely worth your time. She is truly a goddess. Forever grateful!”
— Deborah Rodriguez, Miami F.
“Working with Adrianna has been life changing. Her passion, her dedication and her knowledge truly guided me to a peaceful place where I found answers and strength to my anxiety problem. I want to truly recommend her; it was the best investment I ever did. At first I was not so sure of what results our sessions would be able to bring since I live in Canada. She suggested that phone sessions would be our best choice, and even though I really wanted to travel and see her in person, I decided to trust her and follow her lead. I can’t describe how amazing the sessions have been in my life and how grateful I am for them. I deeply encourage to trust her and work with her! You won’t regret it!
— Carolina Nuncio, Vancouver Canada
“I’ve had an astrological reading with Adriana and I am also a client of hers currently for regression practice. She is amazing!. In my reading she told me things that have already come true. She knew about health issues and that really shocked me. Since regression therapy began a few weeks ago I feel lighter and more myself. She has truly helped me open up and feel comfortable being ME. Words can’t express my gratitude and true love that I feel for her. She puts her heart and soul into her work.
— Jessica Karr, Miami Fl.

“Adrianna is amazing!!. She has helped me in so many ways!! She used Hypnotherapy to alleviate my stress/ anxiety and to assist me with my nail biting habit. I highly recommend her. She is very passionate about her patients!
She makes you feel comfortable from the second you meet her! Very warm personality.
— Melissa Seits, Miami Fl
Dear Adrianna
I want to publicly thank you for the wonderful job you have done with me. You have helped me so much in creating conscience about matters that where sleeping and forgotten inside me, you brought a renovated sense of happiness into my life and that made me want to exercise the movement of my legs and make me walk again. Thanks to your lovely guide I have been able to change all mental and emotional patterns releasing unnecessary weight and allowing me to move on. You are a being of love and also have the strength necessary to induce change when I was resistant. In these few months working with you I am on my way of leaving my cane and I have started to give my first steps and that is a HUGE change for someone that has being in a wheel chair for more than six years.
— Gerardo Hache Argentina
“I woke up this morning filled with an undeniable anticipation for my natal chart reading with Adrianna Foster and let me tell you guys she is AMAZING!!! From the moment she started the reading she had me in awe at her ability to know exactly where I’m at in my life. I was blown away with how accurate she was about details about myself that I’d never shared with was like she had opened a door into the me that lives separate from the world...the me that even I don’t see all the time. I can not even begin to tell you guys how needed her insight was and how encouraging her words have been to me. Sometimes we know things deep down, but don’t let them out because we are afraid to be made vulnerable by them, but it was such a release to have her bring things out and into the light so that they could be seen from a fresh perspective. Sometimes the Universe places people in our lives that will help us and we don’t know it at the time...Adrianna is one of those amazing beings and I am truly grateful for her presence in my life! I’m so excited to be starting my journey of self discovery with her help. I know that the sessions of reconstructive hypnotherapy we are starting will help me to declutter all the thing that have been holding me back and open the path for abundance!”
— Rosalin Delgado
“I met with Adriana Foster for an astrological reading, which was amazing. It was as if I was having a conversation with an old friend, who knew me - the real me. She gave me the courage to see things in my life for what they really were. After I left I was able to make so pretty drastic changes that I was afraid of making. Her reading has definitely changed me. It was eye opening and I life changing.”
— Dinah Ruiz
“Adriana Foster is fantastic with kids and adults alike. I was a skeptic at first but now I am a believer. Thanks, Adriana!”
— Randy Weber
“Quisiera recomendar enteramente a Adrianna Foster para hypnoterpia y coaching personal. Hace 6 meses la encontré y fue el mejor regalo que me pudo traer la vida. Soy una mujer con muchas responsabilidades y el estrés era el capitán de mi vida, yo vivía bajo sus ordines y mi vida era un suplicio. Mi salud estaba en peligro y por un momento sentí que no tendría salida. Adrianna me ayudo de una forma magnifica, a través de nuestras sesiones por skype hacienda hipnosis y coaching personal logre transformar mi vida y encontrar la forma de manejar mi estrés y llenar mi vida de tranquilidad mejorando mi salud y mi calidad de vida en todos los sentidos. Gracias Adrianna, eres verdaderamente una bendición.”
— Romina Lopez, Santiago de Chile

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