Hi, I’m Adrianna and I created this program for you.

I created a six-figure business combining the two things I’m most passionate about: music and personal development. But the journey was far from easy.

Seven years ago, my 5-year-old daughter and I were on the verge of homelessness. I had just “failed” at a project I invested everything into and all I had left were two bags containing all my belongings and $50 in my pocket.

Despite my drive and passion, how did I end up here?

For me, my struggle with money showed me the parts of myself that needed to be healed. Because these parts of myself were wounded and in pain, I was creating a reality that was not my truth.

Money forced me to face my shadow and examine the beliefs of not being good enough, of not being capable, of not being able to make it on my own. It also exposed the biggest lie I had believed: that I had to earn validation doing what I loved.

For years my singing career was rooted in validation and outside approval, not aimed toward abundance. Why? Because I lived in survival for so many years due to all the childhood trauma I experienced. My inner dialogue went something like this: “I will work for love so I can survive”

That was my internal unconscious belief and even though I did all the right things––I was persistent, talented, and capable––my internal aim was not toward what I actually wanted: money.

Yes I said it: money. Just that word brings up fear for so many of us. I get it! The word money used to make me uncomfortable too but the truth is, making money doing what I love not only enriches my life, but enriches the lives of those around me. Creating abundance is what has enabled me to serve in a greater capacity. 

That day, when my daughter asked me to go “home” and I realized we had no home, was the day my life changed.

I healed by embracing my deepest fears, the parts of myself that I was so scared and ashamed to see, by holding my pain, learning how to experience it in a healthy way and learning how to grieve.

I made the choices that started to shape my life the way I wanted it to be. Because that day I realized that as long as I kept trying to operate in survival mode, I would continue to miss my aim and create a business that reflected these unhealthy beliefs back to me.

Now I’ve created a six-figure business doing what I love as a motivational singer who helps audiences see their own truth and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps women and men overcome their implicit limiting beliefs and reclaim ownership of their authenticity.

Join me!