How to unblock your greatness & live with purpose

By the time I was a teenager, my self esteem had plummeted after years of severe bullying. Even as those closest to me would praise me for my gifts, beauty and inspiring others, I was so lost in my own pain that I couldn’t see the truth.

All I saw was failure and disappointment. My own self judgement clouded my vision with pain. For many of us trauma can be a barrier to our own greatness and designing a life according to our gifts. In this blog I’ll show you how healing your core wounds can be key for transforming your inner voice so you can embody your true essence and gifts.

Pain is often caused when we don’t live in alignment with who we truly are. When we don’t truly believe that we deserve love, health, money and success, our subconscious patterns can cause us to choose paths that involve obstacles, hard work and resistance. We push abundance and happiness away when we make decisions that create what we don’t want, even though that may sound counterintuitive. This could look like not charging enough for your services or asking for a raise even though you consistently over deliver at your job.

Healing your core wound 

Living in alignment with your greatness requires healing your core wound that keeps you trapped in the belief of unworthiness. One way to shift out of this is to have those closest to you to reflect back your strengths and gifts.

Simply ask your loved one why he or she loves you and when you hear their response take a moment to reflect and give gratitude for this part of yourself. Then celebrate these qualities. Even if it’s challenging, I know you can do it.

 The people who truly love you will love the parts of you that hurt and the parts that shine. They will see your greatness and it is your job to be open to being wrong about what you don’t yet see. Even if it feels scary, allowing yourself to feel more love in your life will heal you.

For me, asking my partner these questions helps strengthen our relationship and creates a safe space for reflection. My partner is a source of precious and valuable feedback. He’s the man who sees my greatness with clear and relentless vision and reminds me of my truth every day. Even once in a while he holds me accountable when I use painful words to describe myself and makes me write them again with kindness and compassion. Allowing his love has healed me.

Once you learn how to see your own greatness your life will change because you will change the story. Always remember: your path is like a blank notebook, and you hold the pen. What will you write today?