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Keynote Singer

With over 21 years in the music industry, I have traveled all of Latin America and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the Latin music industry. I bring this passion and connection into the world of personal development. I combine the soulfulness and accessibility of music with the practicality and influence of personal development. My mission is to support both women and men in stepping into empowerment and self-expression through my philosophy of being LOUD: Loving Openly, Unapologetically, and Deserving of Connection. Throughout my journey, this continues to be the “formula” for sustainable transformation: by being LOUD, you heal yourself and, by extension, heal community.

As the first internationally recognized Motivational Singer, I truly believe that music inspires creativity, authenticity, and freedom. Think about it. Ever have a moment when music has moved you? Allowed you to release? Touched your heart? That’s because music elevates us and allows us to connect with the most innate and true parts of our Self.

What is an Immersive Concert Experience?

An Immersive Concert Experience is the ultimate combination of Music, Transformation and Joy.

A concept I created with the purpose of allowing the audience to embark on an intimate journey of emotions, making music the guide and the stories told through the music, the main character of the experience. Evoking a profound internal connection, the music and script of the concert is designed to create breakthroughs, awareness and an overall experience of joy and bliss throughout the soundtrack.

An event that will create an everlasting pleasant memory and a one of a kind experience.

About Me

“I am extremely passionate in inspiring others through my voice and talent and I have an awesome story behind me and my background!”

Adrianna Foster

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